Eden SPA
  • Wish pro Facial
    An innovate method which transforms mesotherapy into a soft caress...!!!
    Wish Pro offers upgraded facial treatments, combining high technology with Medi Aesthetics.Mag- netic pulses in synergy with red and blue light transfer active ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin, offering you safe and incomparable resulis. Enjoy a method of sophisticated and painless mesotherapy and let the results astonish you...!!!
    1. Peeling
    2. Calming
    3. Rejuvenation
    4. Hyaluronic
    5. Collagen
    6. Botox
    7. Anti-Age

    40min/40 €
  • Pressotherapy
    Pressotfierapy is a therapeutic treatment, based of pressure applied to the legs, abdomen and arms, aiming to the stimulation of the fymph and blood circulation and with visible results on the absorption of oedemas and liquid retention in the tissues.It facilitates the elimination of cellulite and relieves the sensation of heavy, tired legs.It is a pleasant an relaxing treatment that offers deep detoxification and a soothing sensation.

    20 min / 20 €
  • Pressotherapy
    50 min / 40 €
  • Electrotherapy
    Electrostimulation equipment with pads that facilitates weight loss and muscular tone.
    Four different programs depending on your personal needs, offer you exceptional results
    - Strengthening and toning of muscles in the whole body
    - Passive exercise for relief of muscular pains
    - Enhancement of the blood and fymph circulation
    - Specific programs for weight loss

    20 min / 20 €
  • Electrotherapy
    50 min / 40 €

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Resolutely sensuous, Fleur's has created a sparkling beauty collection with strong powers of attraction and effectiveness.

Luxurious textures with delicate lower scents and refined compositions offer the desired effectiveness and true comfort.

Every treatment and product awakens the senses offering a unique experience.

The research centers of Fleur's have created a true scientific treasure composed of 30 loral ingredients that are united in the heart of the brands' Florarium that guarantees visible and proven beauty results for your skin.

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